The Trainer

Chaim Mandel

“Chaim is both an exceptional teacher and a refined person. He is one of those trainers that you don’t need to be concerned with what outlooks on life and life lessons you are accepting from him. Take everything he has to offer.” (Yisroel .G)

Chaim has spent over 25 years studying traditional and non-conventional systems. After years of carefully sifting through everything he has learned, Chaim has developed a truly unique style.

His system is based primarily on the principles of Russian Systema and a rare form of Ninjutsu. He has formulated a fighting system that is simple, clever, practical, and brutal.

Chaim Mandel has helped thousands of students to prepare themselves for real life, self-defense encounters. Over the years many Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Educators, who have heard about Chaim’s work, have referred many of their patients to work with him. The System and teaching style that Chaim specializes in, helps youth and adults alike, deal and overcome challenges that stem from low self-esteem, sensory issues, depression, low muscle tone, ADD, and trauma from past abuse. Chaim has also helped many young soldiers prepare for the tough physical and mental challenges of IDF Special Forces Units.