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The DC Fitness Program was developed by Chaim with very different goals than many of the now popular fitness fads. The DC fitness program is more concerned with long term health and longevity.

“It may not give you a beach body in 90 days, but it will give you a body that will serve you well for 90 years”.

The D.I.R.E.C.T. Combatives Fitness Workouts will give you a body that will run with you long into your old age and keep you feeling young all the way there. Each workout is built up step-by-step and is progressively more challenging than the previous one. In just a few short months you will ease through movements you initially thought were impossible.

Areas of Fitness to be covered:

> Strong but relaxed muscles
> Well developed tendons
> Flexibility
> Endurance
> Proper breathing
> Joint range of motion
> Coordination
> Balance

Chaim will teach you movements that will correct your posture and increase your joint Range of Motion (ROM). You will learn how to breathe properly for different activities to keep your heart and respiratory system healthy. The DCFP will have you doing movements you never thought possible. Learn dynamic and diversified workouts that you can do in and around your home without any expensive equipment. Chaim will help you develop your endurance, muscle tone, balance, and coordination and much more.
An important aspect of the D.I.R.E.C.T. Combatives Fitness Program is its Combative element. Ever since Chaim was a child, he constantly searched for ways of developing functional fitness. Your body needs to be free from excess tension in order for you to be able to move freely to defend yourself. Muscles need to relax, tendons need to be strengthened, and joints need to be “well oiled”. These are the “ingredients” of the combative body, and this is what the DC Fitness Program will give you. Each workout is progressively more complex and challenging than the previous one. It is a learning process of always improving. Building a strong but relaxed body, a rare combination, is the objective of DC fitness.

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Go for that body that will serve you well for 90 years
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Meet Your Trainer

Chaim Mandel

Chaim has spent over 25 years studying traditional and non-conventional systems. After years of carefully sifting through everything he has learned, Chaim has developed a truly unique style.

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